Gift Guide For The Home Automation Enthusiast


It’s never been easier to make your home work for you. In the past, installing home automation devices was a laborious and obnoxious task, reserved for only the most committed geeks. But now home automation items can be wrapped and given as gifts. Best yet, these products are fully functional on their own, not requiring the installation of a central hub like in the past.

Nest Learning Thermostat


The Learning Thermostat is a staple of a modern smart home. It’s beautiful, easy to install, and works well. At $249, it’s likely more expensive than four standard thermostats, but the home owner should see lower energy bills thanks to the built-in sensors that monitor the home, automatically adjusting the temperature when it senses no one is around.

The Learning Thermostat can also be fully controlled from a smartphone or the web. Want to make sure the home is toasty warm when…

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